What is Payroll Advancement?

The Payroll Advance is a rotating credit quota available for customers who have their active payroll account in Iridisphotorestoration. This service allows our clients to make advances in their next payroll each time they need it.


  • Rotating credit quota that you can use through transfers to your payroll account in Iridisphotorestoration.
  • You can make inquiries, payments and quota use in their private meeting in Iridisphotorestoration.
  • The minimum approved amount of the Payroll Advance is $ 100,000 and the maximum approved amount is $ 1 million.
  • For each use of the Payroll Advance service, you will be charged a commission that will be informed at the time of making the use.
  • The value of the uses and surcharges for use of the service will be automatically deducted from the next payroll payment made to you.
  • All uses are deferred to a monthly fee.

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