Unanticipated financial bottlenecks can always happen. Be it the broken washing machine or a car repair, the reasons why you need to make quick money can be manifold. For many borrowers, it is not always possible to cover such sudden costs with their own funds. In addition, some bills can not simply be deferred until […]

We gives an all-round overview: in the search for an attractive credit, many consumers despair quickly. Too many offers, too little background knowledge. Which loan should it be in the end? Which loan suits best individually? Who advises without ulterior motive? Which online provider is reputable? We brings order to the chaos and clarifies. A

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The 5 most frequently asked questions about the financial portal inancingent FinTech inancingent is a full-service provider independent of product and supplier for self-employed persons, tradesmen and small companies in Germany. inancingent works with more than 220 established banks, savings banks and alternative financial partners. In addition to loans, loans and leases, inancingent also arranges

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Germany’s largest mobile market mobile.de and the credit portal Smava are cooperating with immediate effect. The monthly more than 15 million users of mobile.de can thereby compare directly over the marketplace more than 70 credits of 25 banks and lock the most favorable credit. Growing market segment: 4 out of 10 cars are financed According

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